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Niemeyer Family Farms
Niemeyer Family Farms’ network is made up of land owned by our founders, our family, and many landowner partners. Our farming partnership utilizes a variety of leasing agreements including:
•    100% Fixed Cash Lease
•    Variable Cash Lease
•    Share Crop Lease,
•    Custom Farming

As tenants, we care for the ground that we have leased as if it were our own land. We mow all ditches throughout the summer, trim back trees, work to keep fields weed-free and appealing to those passing by. In addition, we also work with landowners to control any erosion issues that arise.

Should a landowner decide to sell their ground or acquire additional ground, we have a network of contacts to assist you.


We use the latest technology such as grid soil sampling, variable rate spreading of nitrogen, phosphate, and potash, combine yield mapping, prescription fertilizer and seed population. Utilization of grid soil sampling and combine yield mapping allow us to maintain a well-balanced fertilizer program.

Our precision fertilizer program is the backbone of our agronomy program. We are stewards of the land and treat each acre accordingly. Our program begins with precise GPS soil sampling to establish productivity zones and migrates towards acre by acre prescription fertilization and seeding based upon harvest yield data and zone productivity management.

The use of all of these forms of technology ensure a greater production yield, increasing the return on investment to the landowner.

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